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BBI of Chicago

According to the World Economic Forum, 10 of the world's most sought-after skills in the global TOP 500 ranking are behavioral skills, including: negotiation, judgment and decision-making and creativity for problem solving.

Given this, using all of CBI of Miami's teaching expertise, it was created in 2017 with Illinois investor capital, the BBI of Chicago. In November 2018 the Portuguese language operation was initiated, serving companies in Portugal and Mozambique, and in January 2019, the Brazilian operation was inaugurated, with investment and support from Brazilian investors.

Currently, the BBI serves more than 10 countries on three continents, with executive students from leading global TOP 500 companies and forming more than 10 thousand professionals per year.

Meet the Team


João Roberto Magalhães

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Industrial Engineer at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, João Roberto Magalhães is a founding partner of the largest School on Child Behavior in Latin America, the CBI of Miami. He founded his first company at age 19, worked on accelerators and participated in the creation of the second largest independent business school in Brazil, the IEG.

Co-author of the book "Start-up Project - From Idea to First Million" by Best Seller, he is an advisor and investor in education companies. He is a professor and lecturer in Business Schools, Companies and Universities, addressing topics such as Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Business Plan, Operations Strategy and Personal Finance.


Dr. Gustavo Teixeira

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Dr. Gustavo Teixeira is graduated from Denver, USA, where he learned about school inclusion programs for children with special needs. He became a doctor when was 25 and continued his studies at the Institute of Psychiatry of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Founding partner of CBI of Miami, Latin America's largest school on child behavior, Gustavo specializes in Business and Start-ups.

He holds a master's degree in Education and an international speaker in Entrepreneurship, Business, Inclusion and Special Education. He also taught courses for the Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders at Bridgewater State University, where he is currently a visiting professor.

The author has sold over 200,000 copies of his books, including the bestseller "Start-up Project, from Idea to First Million."

Rodrigo Lang - Foto Nova.png

Rodrigo Lang

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Member of the Executive Board of BBI of Chicago. In 2008, he founded the Institute of Management Engineering (IEG), a company in which he was at the forefront for 10 years, leading the consulting vertical and later being responsible for the creation of the IEG Business School.

He is currently an investor in the education sector and a speaker at companies and universities. Throughout his career he was also the founder of Vsina - pioneer endowment fund company and Witseed - StartUp of Adaptive Learning.

Fernanda Araújo 2

Fernanda Araújo

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An entrepreneur in the education sector, Fernanda worked in the telecommunications sector and advised educational companies.

Today, she is a partner of the CBI of Miami in Portugal and part of the company's advisory board.

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