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Oratory and Influence

Communicating effectively, controlling emotions, and influential oratory is essential for professional and personal growth. Not mastering these skills can be hampering your performance and even how you are viewed in the workplace.

With this in mind, BBI launched the Oratory and Influence course, based on one of the country's most established methodologies. A perfect program for you who want to learn the best techniques for public speaking, access best storytelling practices, and develop the ability to influence people in the right way.




$ 450,00


at buying

Basic information

- 4 months of Oratory and Influence Course with unlimited access to all online content


- 100% online course, watch from anywhere


- 30 hours of course (including videos + additional material + exercise suggestion)


- Live chat with teachers


- 1 International Certificate of Extension.


- You may continue to access content after completing the course if you choose to continue to pay tuition, or cancel at no charge.

Discipline menu

- Storytelling Techniques
- Stage Movement Techniques
- Voice Techniques
- Look Techniques
- Language vices
- Body Language 1.0
- Body Language 2.0
- Behavioral Hypnosis
- Deduction and Induction Techniques
- MECE Technique
- Materialization Techniques
- Golden Circle
- Influence Techniques
- Mental Triggers

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