Building the future based on soft skills development

The BBI focuses on the American and Brazilian markets, developing people and organizations focused on the skills most sought after by the world's leading companies.


With a focus on the Latin American market, BBI of Chicago serves people and companies from Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal and Mozambique in developing behavioral competencies. In the US, we work together with research centers in Chicago and Florida, aim the development of research on human behavior applied to business.

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The highest education score satisfaction in Brazil!


Founded in 2018 as a CBI of Miami spin off, the BBI currently has professionals in the US, Brazil and Portugal to locally serve the North American, Latin American and European markets.


Our development programs are 100% online, with the BBI of Chicago's teaching methodology and delivered by industry executives, including video lessons, exclusive articles and live chat with the executive.



International certificate and methodology
The BBI of Chicago uses the VAHE methodology, developed in 2015 by California researchers and considered a world reference in online teaching.

For each module, there is a cycle that ensures the content absorption not only in the short term but also in the long term.

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